England's Medieval Festival
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England's Medieval Festival

Programme Advertising

    The England's Medieval Festival has grown year upon year in to what is now a complex event and the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom.

    Production Parameters

    Each year The Malcolm Group Events Ltd. chooses a world class designer to produce a souvenir programme. An informative guide to the event's activities, which meets or exceeds that in terms of quality of previous years. There are a number of guidelines for the format and advertising content which are stipulated in advance by The Malcolm Group.

    Advertising Content:

    The maximum amount of advertising content as a percentage of the whole publication will not exceed 50%. This ensures that the purchaser is buying a publication of worth and not something simply crammed with advertisements. We believe that by setting the level of advertising this ensures a high quality publication which The Malcolm Group Events Ltd, as well as our advertisers, are proud to put their names to. Where possible we encourage advertisers to produce an advertisement with a medieval theme.

    Editorial Content:

    The number of editorial pages agreed upon prior to starting the project will not be reduced. Consequently, if advertising interest is high the overall number of pages is to be increased, generating in a corresponding increase in the number of editorial pages. In this way each advertisement will feature prominently and not be lost in a sea of advertising.

    Materials and Suppliers:

    The Malcolm Group Events Ltd. use only top quality paper and printers when producing all publications: the quality of design and production is paramount in achieving a product that will further the Festival's reputation as a premium event.

    Programme Format


    The programme is produced in A4 size with full colour throughout. The recommendations for this being a publication of this size is visually of greater worth than, say, A5. As such, if the programme has an attractive cover, this alone can be enough to induce purchase. Also, the nature of the Festival is very much a family occasion and the programme sells as a 'souvenir' of their visit, again encouraging purchase.


    The entire publication to be printed in full colour throughout.


    There will be 28 pages including the cover. If advertising interest is greater this can be increased, as would available editorial space on a 50/50 basis.


    135gsm Gloss Art Paper. This will re-enforce the quality image.


    Print run to be a minimum of 5,000 copies. This is based on a proven sales record from previous years. If any copies remain unsold they will be distributed free of charge to the participants, numbers of whom exceed one thousand, before they depart from the site.

    Cover Price:

    There is a charge for the programme. By doing so the funds subsidize the revenue gained through advertising sales to produce a more impressive programme. Most importantly for our advertisers, we know that the public retain the programme much longer if they have to pay for it.


    Programmes sales are all year round (with tickets), but are only sent out once they have been produced. Sales start from the September after the festival finishes and continue right up to the bank holiday weekend in August. Discounts are available for advance ticket sales; the programme is also discounted during this offer.

    Advertising Opportunities:

    Because the programme production is subsidized by sales we are able to offer extremely competitive advertising rates. In addition, for each advertisement that you take out in our programme we will give you a free advertisement on our award winning web site that is visited by thousands daily. Just type our name into any search engine to see that we are the top ranked medieval festival site in the world.

    Set out below are our very competitive rates.

1/8th page advertisement £85
1/4 page advertisement £150
1/2 page advertisement £300
Full page advertisement* £500
Listing & Link to your web site with any size advertisement Free
*Your advertisement on our web site  

    If you would like to book advertising space or you have queries regarding advertising please email the festival organiser's: info@mgel.com